Portable shr ipl hair removal Device

 1.shr hair removal faster and painless
 2.ipl hair removal
 3.Skin Rejuvenation
 4.pigmentation treatment
 5.Vascular therapy
 6.Acne therapy

Product Description

Portable shr ipl hair removal Device

Product Description
Portable shr ipl hair removal Device
1. Remove undesired hair permanently from various areas of the body, for all kinds of hair color.
2. Remove speckles, age spot, sun-induced freckles from various types of skin.
3. Remove vescular, bottlenose, acne.
4. Skin rejuvenation and lessen deep wrinkle.
Portable shr ipl hair removal Device

Portable shr ipl hair removal Device

 Portable shr ipl hair removal Device
Hair Removal :
Remove unwanted hair from any part of the body.
Skin Rejuvenation :
Removal or reduction of age spots, visible blood vessels, diffuse uneven pigmentation while improving skin texture.
Vascular Removal :
Removal or reduction of facial thread veins.
Pigmented Lesions :
Removal or reduction of freckles, age spots and other pigmented lesions.
Acne Clearance :
Reduction of inflammatory acne when used in combination with a topical cream or gel.

Why choose us?
MANUFACTURE: We are professional leading of beauty devices, found in 2006.The products own CE certificate to meet the international standard.

PRODUCTS: Our products range including:Hifu,ipl, e-light, rf, ultrasonic, 808nm diode laser, cryo , 3S/4S multifunction, co2 fractional laser, Q-switch Nd:yag laser, PDT.

Portable shr ipl hair removal Device

Technical Parameter

Wavelength  480-950nm or 530-950nm or 640-950nm 
Counter Handle Yes.
Spot size 15*50mm2
OPT Energy  1-50J/cm2 
RF energy 1-50J/cm2 
Frequency 1-5 P/s
Pulse  Continues 
Discharge 1-4S
Water temperature tank  5L
Display system  8″ colorful touch screen 
Drive Power  2,000W 
Power supply 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz
Packing size 120*58*60

Packing List

Main device 1pcs
OPT(SHR) Handle 1pcs
Filters 3 pcs
Water Funnel 1pcs
Protective Eyepatch 1pcs
Protective Glasses 1pcs
Holder 1pcs
Fuse 2pcs
Power cord 1pcs
User manual 1book


The most Advanced:

OPT (Optimal Pulse technology) SHR system to continuously emit light 

15mm*50mm Super Spot Size for faster and painless hair removal 

1 second can emit 5 to 10 flashes adjustable 

More than 2000 W big power supply


1. Adopts the newest OPT ( Optimal Pulse technology )SHR technology, when you press the button of the treatment hhandles each time, it can continuously output 24 ipl light at most(can be adjustable). Super large spot size for easier and faster body hair removal treatment.

2. The design of double handle ,one is super big Spot Size (15*50mm²) for faster hair removal,and another one is8*40mm² for skin rejuvenation,wrinkles removal, freckles removal,vasculars removal,etc.

3. 1 second will emit 5-10 flashes Adjustable.

4. More than 2000W big power .

5. OPT SHR Function , Normal IPL Function ( PR , SR , HR , WR ,AR )

6. The newest fixed-band treatment handle, which has the bigger energy and more significant effect than the traditional insert handle.   ipl shr hair removal machine  
7. OEM & ODM service. 
8. Certificates: Medical CE, CQC

SHR stands for Super Hair Removal, a technology for permanent hair removal which is having a sweeping success. The working theory is heating the dermis to a target temperature gradually. At that target temperature, it damages the hair follicles and prevents re-growth effectively. Meanwhile avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue. A high repetition rate of single pulses are delivered deep into the dermis, achieving high average power and therapeutically effective heat build-up, without the risk of injury and no pain virtually.


Is it painful?
No, shr super hair removal it is not painful. It is a very comfortable procedure that can be used on the most sensitive body parts like Brazilian or Bikini. This is recommended for people with lower pain threshold.
Who is suitable for SHR?
SHR is designed to suit everyone, especially those who failed conventional light based hair removal systems such as IPL or Lasers. SHR will help you achieve less or no hair on those areas that trouble you. It is suitable for all skin types, even on dark toned skin and sensitive skin. It also works on light and fine hair.
Is SHR hair removal permanent?
SHR super hair removal hair removal targets the deeply seated hair follicles and permanently damage them as opposed to shaving, waxing, hair removal creams which only serve to remove the hair shaft. Unless you have gone through hormonal imbalances caused by pregnancy, menopause, intake of hormone pills, most people enjoy permanent hair reduction/removal.


Our service

R&D: One-stop service: Mold design – PCB design – Software and interface programming – Function developing – Logo & languages customized

OEM&ODM service

After Sales Service:Fast and effective after sale service. 1 years free warranty, lifetime maintain support, 24 hours calling service

Reputation:Highly praised,100% positive feedback from clients

Portable shr ipl hair removal Device

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Portable shr ipl hair removal Device

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Portable shr ipl hair removal Device
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Portable shr ipl hair removal Device


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