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Portable ipl shr nd yag laser RF beauty device

 1.shr hair removal faster and painless
 2.ipl hair removal
 3.Skin Rejuvenation
 4.pigmentation treatment
 5.Vascular therapy
 6.Acne therapy removal doll lifting/tightening

Product Description

Portable ipl shr nd yag laser RF beauty device

Portable ipl shr nd yag laser RF beauty device   \

1Hair removal
2 Skin rejuvenation
3 Pigmentation treatment
4 Eliminate wrinkles
5 Acne clearance
6 Eyeline removal
7 Eyebrow embroidery removal
8 Tattoo removal
9 freckle removal
10 skin liftting

Portable ipl shr nd yag laser RF beauty devicePortable ipl shr nd yag laser RF beauty device

Portable ipl shr nd yag laser RF beauty device

Kindly noted that there are three colores of this machine.

FMB31-6 Yellow color,

FMB31-7 Black color,

FMB31-8 gray color.



Controller: 8 inch real color touch screen
Language: English/Franch/Germany etc
handle: 1 pc of shr Elight handle, 1 pc of RF handle(with 3 tips),1 pc of q swtich laser tattoo removal
Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser wavelength: 1064&532nm& black doll
Shr Elight Spot size: 12x30mm or 15x50mm
IPL Energy: 1-50J
RF Energy:1-50J
Input Power:2000W
Cooling system: Wind+water+semiconductor+gel
Voltage: 220V(110V)/50HZ (60HZ)

Portable ipl shr nd yag laser RF beauty device

Portable ipl shr nd yag laser RF beauty device

1. Principles

Portable ipl shr nd yag laser RF beauty devicePortable ipl shr nd yag laser RF beauty device

SHR E-light technology

 Aimed at entire dermis and connective tissue, IPL and Bipolar RF technology stimulates and makes the collagen in different depths rearrange and grow  so as to achieve the therapeutic effect, while bipolar radio frequency simultaneously releases energy, making diseased tissues in epidermis and dermis produce light pyrolysis through skin’s selective absorption of light energy. Because of  energy it needs far lower than traditional IPL, it makes the pigmented and vascular diseased tissues in epidermis and dermis absorb more energy without skin damage and removes these diseased tissues, by which achieves therapeutic effect.

RF technology 

First ensuring your skin is comfortable and off damage and then taking advantage of RF waves to generate heat conduction, RF accurately reaches to skin’s deep layer, stimulates the ions and charged colloidal particles in body rapidly move or vibrate. Friction generating heat, skin will naturally come to an immediate contraction when collagenous tissues in skin’s deep layer reach to 45℃-60℃, then stimulates to secrete new collagen to rearrange and fill the gap of atrophic and lost of collagen, rebuilds the soft stent of skin, and finally achieve skin tightness, wrinkles filling and skin elasticity and gloss regaining.

YAG technology 

On the basis of the theory that immediate and highenergy laser emission can efficiently crushes the pigment of diseased tissues, YAG makes  irradiated pigment particles absorb power and swell tocrack. Part of them splitting into more tiny nibs are excreted, and part of them are swallowed by body macrophage  and excreted through lymphatic system, by which pigments are eliminated. Because normal tissue does not absorb the laser with fixed wavelength, thus the integrity of the cell framework is maintained without conditions that invoke scars form.


2. Range of application

  • Hair removal: permanent hair removal, hairs through whole body(hairs in growing period, including tiny hairs with light color
  • Freckle removing: removing freckles, chloasma, sunburn, age spots, acne marks and facial blemishes
  • Skin Rejuvenation: improving large pores, rough skin, tiny wrinkles, and restoring skin elasticity.
  • Wrinkle Reduction: removing real and false wrinkles. Facial and body anti-aging. 
  • Telangiectasia treatment: redness, facial flush.
  • Improving dull complexion to whiten and uniform skin 
  • Specifically eliminating red, brown, suntan and other colored tattoos.
  • Effectively wiping out all kinds of eyebrow, embroider eyebrow, tattoos, eyeliner and lip liner.
  • Treating pigmented skin lesions and mixed hyperpigmentation such as age spots, birthmarks, ota nevus, moles and so on.

The standard configuration changeable filters:
640–1200nm for hair removal
590–1200nm for spots removal freckle removal,remove red blood
530–1200nm for skin rejuvenation,acne treatment,pigment removal
1064nm(round mirror)for Black,blue,green and so on basic color
532nm(square mirror)for Red,brown and so on colorful color

3. Advantges

*Adopts the newest OPT ( Optimal Pulse technology )SHR technology, it can continuously shot for fast hair removal (SHR),1 second emits 5 to 10 flashes (adjustable),and you can slide the treatment heads on the skin very quickly back and forth, So fast and virtually painless.
*All internal parts and machine rear cover adopts Stainless Steel Framework and Modular Design for more gorgeous appearance, long lift time ad more stable working. Machine case with ABS materials for more stable working. Special designed cooling system ensures constantly working.
*Imported True 3000W OPT super big power guarantee enough power input and assure more effective treatment and more longer working time.
*OPT SHR Function and Normal IPL Function ( PR,SR, HR,WR,AR ) with 6 filters. Super large spot size(20*60mm²) for easier and faster body hair removal treatment.
*5 advanced technologies (OPT SHR & IPL & RF& Bipolar RF& Nd Yag Laser) and 2 operating screens in one machine,easy operation: the 8.4 inch TFT True Colorful Touch screen for OPT Elight system, and 5.7 inch Chromatic touch screen for Laser system. You can do the Elight / RF treatment and Laser treatment for customer at same time in 1 machine to save time and cost.
*The intelligent Water temperature Alarm System. Special technique, automatic energy adjustable system.
*100% imported sapphire crystal of Real -5℃more incomparable comfortable, and safety.
*6 kinds languages for free choice, and we can design the needed language.



After services
1- 12 months long warranty
2- tested the machine before send out
3- inform you the machine production  schedule every two days
4- inform the tracking number once we get and tell you where is the mahine every two days till you got the machine
5- Every month we will communicate with you ask if the machine works good or not
6- Give the answer back to you within 2 hours if the machine have any problem



1. Do you have any warranty?
Yes, we have. One years warranty on host machine is given. Three months free replacement warranty for handles, treatment heads, and parts.

2. How is your after-sale service?
We have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. You can get the help you need in time by telephone, webcam, online chat (Google talk, Facebook, Skype). Please contact us once the machine has any problem. Best service will be offered.

3. What certification do you have?
All of our machines have the CE certification which ensures the quality and safety. Our machines are under strict quality management to ensure good quality. Because we fully understand that it will be a great trouble if machine have any problem during working at oversea.

4. Will you teach how to use the machine?
Yes, we can provide a complete user manual and usage video for instruction and application. And 24/7 online consultant service ensure you whatever problem and whenever you meet, you can solve easily.  It is easy to operate by anyone with the instructions.

5. How about the shipment?
The machine will be shipped within 2-3 days after the receipt of your payment.

Our Services

Why choose us?
MANUFACTURE:We are professional leading of beauty devices, found in 2006.The products own CE certificate to meet the international standard.

PRODUCTS:Our products range including:Hifu,liposunix,ipl, e-light, rf, ultrasonic, 808nm diode laser, cryo , 3S/4S multifunction, co2 fractional laser, Q-switch Nd:yag laser, PDT

R&D:One-stop service: Mold design – PCB design – Software and interface programming-Function developing-Logo&languages customized

OEM&ODM service
After Sales Service:Fast and effective after sale service. 1 years free warranty, lifetime maintain support, 24 hours calling service

Reputation:Highly praised,100% positive feedback from clients

The machine will be fully packed with poly foam, and then put into carton box or wooden box or according to customer’s requirement.

1. 3~5 working days after receiving the payment.
2. Transportation Way: DHL, Fedex, UPS, EMS, by sea, by air,etc.
We always choose the most economical and reliable shipping company to make sure you will receive the goods in time. Tracking number will be provided to you once the goods is shipped.

Portable ipl shr nd yag laser RF beauty device Portable ipl shr nd yag laser RF beauty device

For more information,please feel free to contact us!

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