DPL hair removal machine
DPL hair removal machineDPL hair removal machine

Newest model DPL hair removal machine

Unlike IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), DPL (Dynamic Pulsed Light), a stronger and more advanced hair removal technique that gives effective long-lasting results.

Product Description

Newest model DPL hair removal machine


  • DPL (Dynamic Pulsed Light) is the world’s latest generation of E-light technology, also known as narrow-spectrum light rejuvenation. Unlike the traditional photorejuvenation (IPL, Intense Pulse Light), it can emit a set precise wavelength of light-controlled at a special wavelength of 100nm which can be effectively assimilated by melanin and hemoglobin to treat the diseased tissues, to quickly and effectively solve problems such as hair and facial spots, telangiectasia, which can make skin white and tender.

Advantage of DPL

  • Unlike IPL (Intense Pulsed Light),  DPL (Dynamic Pulsed Light), a stronger and more advanced hair removal technique that gives effective long-lasting results.
  • While IPL can only get rid of coarse hair, DPL uses powerful and precise lasers that can remove even the finest strands of hair.
  • With our revolutionary DPL system, you’ll get to have smoother, silky skin. Our hair removal techniques are suitable for both women and men.

Applications and Functions

  • 1. Super Hair Removal
  • 2. skin rejuvenation: prose minimizing , remove wrinkle, brighten skin tone
  • 3. red blood removal: congenital red blood, red blood after skin resurfacing, flush, red mark of acne, etc.
  • 4. freckle removal: freckles, sunburn, epidermis patch, etc.

Details and Advantage of our DPL machine:

  • 1.10.4 Big touch screen
  • 2.Iron structure, more stable and not damaged when delivery;
  • 3. The inner structure is placed nearly than before, be beneficial to better heat radiation;
  • 4. Each inner parts have fixed position, not easy to leak water;
  • 5. High powerful High-quality inside, power is 2000W
  • 6.Magnetic big water pump, water flow pressure stronger, shorter cycle, better cooling, shorter cooling time.
  • 7.2 big capacitance, 12000/pc;
  • 8.Laser handle with precombustion, longer use life.



  • Display:10.4′ colorful touch screen
  • Handpieces: 1pcs
  • Magneto-optic Wavelength: 640nm
  • Magneto-optic spot Size:12*40mm²
  • Energy:1-50J/cm2
  • First plug width:1-9ms
  • Second  plug width:1-9ms
  • First plug delay:5-90ms
  • Pluse number:1-6P/s
  • Discharge time:1-4s
  • Pulse width:1-8 ms
  • Frequency:1-5s
  • Power:2000W
  • Packing size:131*61*55cm
  • Power supply:220V, 50Hz /110V, 60Hz

DPL hair removal machine


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